Camping Products

Eureka! creates tents, canopies, sleeping bags and related accessories for life outdoors. Our tents and gear are equally at home camping in your favorite campground, at a backyard sleepover, on winter camping expeditions, biking or hiking in the wilderness.

Eureka! Camping Products

Military Tents

Eureka! military tents builds products for rapid deployable missions, general purpose tent systems, command post tents and other temporary shelter needs. Our military tent products are used in the field for operations, Command Post, operation centers and other remote base operations.

Eureka! Military Tents

Party & Event Tents

Eureka! party tents, special event tents and canopies are made for the rental and special events industry. Party tents and canopies are perfect for special events, parties, weddings, graduation, sporting events and other special occasions where a tent can protect people from the weather.

Eureka! Party & Event Tents

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